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I'm retiring this account [Jan. 29th, 2007x05:08 pm]
add my new one live_lovely
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Myspace is gay [Nov. 14th, 2006x10:15 pm]
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I've decided not to write in my blogs, or post bulletins about my life issues on myspace anymore. It just causes drams. Everyone and their fucking sister has myspace. It seriously ruins everything. Livejournal is so much better when it comes to expressing feelings. 

So, I like this guy scott. I would usually say "boy", but scott is everything but a boy. He's a man. Anyways. I like him a lot. a lot. a lot. I spent some time with him on friday night, and it was no doubt, the most amazing night of my life. 
Scott used to be my manager at work, but then he transferred out. I've seriously had it for him since the first moment I saw him. Then he started showing interest in me. =] We talked about hanging out for a while,  but never did..until friday. 
We're not in a relationship right now, due to, he isnt' ready to be in one. And that's fine. I like him enough to wait. 
Friday night was so amazing. I went over to his house at about 8. We just hung out for a while..watched star wars...he showed me around his place. When his roommates left, we started watching intermission. He got up to take a shower, but when he got back, things got really "comfortable". We started to get closer, and he asked me if i was comfortable. We got closer, and closer. and then he kissed me. It was so amazing. That's the only word I have to describe it.   As the night progressed..things happenned. Then, he held me most of the night while we slept. It was great, and so needed. He doens't sleep much. So, the next morning when he woke up, he tucked me in and gave me some kisses. He let me sleep for a while, and he had his coffee. Then he came back to bed, and laid with me and talked to me while I woke up. It was a great morning. We went out into the living room, and we just spent time together. It was indiscribable. He told me things about him that I didnt' know, showed me his rubics cube skills, and we played keyboard together. We talked about what happenned the night before. He told me that he likes me, and that he enjoys my company. But he doesnt want a relationship right now. And surprisingly, I was okay with that. I knew that I wasn't just a fuck, and that he actually cared about my feelings.  He played me some music that he wrote on the keyboard, and i played "my heart will go on" for him. I leaned on his shoulder, and he put his arm around me and gave me a kiss. romantic? yes. He's so amazing. 

Last night, I spent time with another boy. I didnt' enjoy it. All i was thinking about was scott. All I want is Scott. I was gonna do the non-exclusive thing, and just hook up with people. But I realized that I don't want that. I just want Scott. And I like him enough to wait for him <3333

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I'm curious to see if anyone even reads this shit [Oct. 9th, 2006x11:17 pm]

so if you  do...comment


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myspace is down... [Sep. 13th, 2006x03:34 am]
sup cupcake?
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Life in general [Sep. 7th, 2006x08:52 pm]
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So, I like my life now, but at the same time, I don't.
I met a great boi. It's great. He lives far away, but he's moving soon. So, I'm happy about that. His name is jeremiah, and he's a sweety. Plus, he's extremely attractive, he's in a screamo band. He's my dream boi, and I honestly mean that. Last night, he stayed up with me, and we talked on the phone for nearly twelve hours. It was amazing. We have chemistry already. And I know that when we actually are together, the realtionship is going to be phoenomenal. I'm thrilled. 
I also have a new job. Well, I almost have a new job. They just have to complete my background check. But there's nothing too major there, just some prostitution, breaking and entering, and some murder..kidding :].  I'm so excited to start working again. I had quit my job back in the beginning of June, for Josh, and that all went to shit. And really, I'm glad that it did. Now I have a better boy.  And I've just been sitting around doing nothing. I need to get out. And now that I'm employed again, I'm getting my car!!
I guess that I'm just sick of sitting around all day. Other than the boredom/lazy factor, my life is great.
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I'm back [Sep. 3rd, 2006x12:16 am]
I didn't have internet access for a loooong time. But now I do, so yeah. I shall be updating again.
I love you all.
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picture fun! [Jul. 8th, 2006x01:53 am]

at cloe's!! 
FUn with the camera!! 
gotta love it. 

Anyways...I still really want to be with Scott. LIke so bad..I hope that it happens. 

I get to see him tomorrow which is way awesome. 
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Sometimes the key to the future lies in the past [Jun. 26th, 2006x10:31 pm]
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And in my case, it's true.
Scott and I arn't officially together yet, but we're gonna happen soon. I'm so excited. I can't belive that I've chosen other guys over him for so long. Now that I look back on it,  I see that he's what I've been looking for. I've spent countless nights writing in my journal about a guy. I guy that I didn't belive I had met yet. A guy that I could care for, and eventually love, that would do the same for me. Now, what I'm realizing, is that he's been here the whole time.
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6 days [Jun. 24th, 2006x10:36 pm]
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I'm moving out in six days. Given, it's only to move into my dad's, but that's a lot better than my Mom's. Six more days of listening to her bitch.  Six more days of putting up with my brothers fighting with eachother.
shit. That means I only have six days to pack.
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Today at the mall... [Jun. 24th, 2006x07:48 am]
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I had a blast. 
Am I still confused? HELL NO. 
Let's see, I can start a relationship with a guy that has ALWAYS been there for me, or I can be stupid and try to rekindle a flame that was put out by a fucking wave of emotion. Hmmm. I think I'll go with the new one. Kthx.

I got my long awaited kiss from Scott.
That blew me away.  

It was soft, sensual, and perfect.
What else is there?

"Get a room" LOL
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